I was selected by the Dutch Design Week 2019. In the old techniques, I have developed and spun yarns manually. The starting point for making yarns was to keep the structure of the original sheep fleece visible. There are more than 400 sheep breeds, all with their unique fur. There are with special looks in the coat, curls, long strands. If a thread is made, carded and spun by machine, there is not much left of these outer features of the structure of the fur. She thought this was a shame and saw it as a challenge to make the yarn in such a way that the outer characteristics of the fur remain visible. It is possible, but it is a labor-intensive process.

I wanted to combine my skills in the craft of making deviating yarns with contemporary (machine) production methods. I experimenting with hand spun yarn in combination with a new technique, in this case, machine knitting. This has resulted in samples that form the basis for fabrics and /or objects of textile in modern architecture. Apart from being decorative, these also have a functional value, namely an acoustic effect and insulating capacity.