I have visited the Cuypershuis in Roermond many times and have been inspired by the templates used by Pierre Cuypers for his wall paintings. This has led me to carry out research into the work of the Roermonds architect Pierre Cuypers during the period he lived and was inspired to re-use the original designed templates and to use these as the base for my 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional textile designs.

I make use of both traditional and modern techniques. Initially I researched the properties of the materials used along with production techniques, then with these results combined them with the templates. After refinement I used the template to produce a large area art piece. This object is both a vertical and horizontal art work. The combination of materials and methods was the best part of the challenge of this design. With the traditional techniques I employed manual methods such as spinning and knitting. With the modern techniques a more mechanical approach was taken using knitting embroidery and laser cutting.

The process of making the art work as well as producing the material is shown .

In cooperation with:   Cuypershuis, Studio Kleurrijk, SteM Breiatelier  Sint Niklaas, SPARKLab Rosmalen and in the TextielMuseum TextielLab in Tilburg                                                                                                                             Made possible by: