Unique handmade interior and exterior textile products

Akaratos is a small craft company where interior- and extrior textile products are made in a limited number. The character of the products gives credit to the name wayward.

I have built my knowledge and skills from within the technical school of Costume-Couture, followed by the Academy for Arts, department Fashion (in Maastricht) and Fashion, Design and Strategy, nowadays known as Artez (in Arnhem).  The process from inspiration to creation gives me pleasure and fulfillment, which in the end transforms into a special product as an end result. These surprising products are made with care and attention. The material mainly comes from natural fibers.

At the moment I work alternately on free work and the yarn project: “natural textiles”. In the yarn project, I am expanding the steel range in yarns, colors, and structures. The resulting samples form the basis for substances or objects. They come into their own in modern architecture and have a decorative, but also a functional value.

Have a look and enjoy it.

Marjan Eggels

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